May Malen's Diary-Chapter 9

This is the day when I was little

Once upon a time, as all stories must begin, I was born. My parents, Grannies and their husband were very anxious in the expatiation of seeing me. So were my cousins Tomas and Maira Rose, they wanted to have a cousin to play with. Their disillusion was big, as I was only a Carrot, with no name and used to sleep and sucks mother’s milk, and then I fell asleep again. My parents wanted a daughter and I was a girl for their satisfaction. They have already had a son, who takes care of us from eternity. I feel protected by him. Auntie Paula and Uncle Cristan, were also in the expectation of seeing me as soon as possible. However, as they are people of respect, they waited three months before going with their kids to have a family gathering around my coat, my baby bed. The only person who did not turned up was Abuelo, as Auntie [Read more…]