May Malen's Diary-Chapter 9

This is the day when I was little

Once upon a time, as all stories must begin, I was born. My parents, Grannies and their husband were very anxious in the expatiation of seeing me. So were my cousins Tomas and Maira Rose, they wanted to have a cousin to play with. Their disillusion was big, as I was only a Carrot, with no name and used to sleep and sucks mother’s milk, and then I fell asleep again. My parents wanted a daughter and I was a girl for their satisfaction. They have already had a son, who takes care of us from eternity. I feel protected by him. Auntie Paula and Uncle Cristan, were also in the expectation of seeing me as soon as possible. However, as they are people of respect, they waited three months before going with their kids to have a family gathering around my coat, my baby bed. The only person who did not turned up was Abuelo, as Auntie

my cot, my baby bed. The only person who did not turned up was Abuelo, as Auntie Paula did not want to have so many people around. Bad luck! Abuelo is so thin, that occupies no space, but humours are humours and there was nothing to be done. However, abuelo turned up one week afterwards and he had me all for himself.  He arrived to meet me on Wednesday March the 18th and stay with us until Tuesday 23rd. I was the jewel of Abuelo, or so he says. Actually, Tomas, Maira Rose and me are the jewels of the crown of this Pater Familias! He loves us all. Pity they cannot be together all the time.

 I was born, if I remember well, on the 5th of January of 2010, one day after my Dad´s birthday, hence I was his presents, and one day before of Mum’s anniversary, with a long numbers of days in between, especially with abuelo’s day, who commemorates his birth on the 20th of January as well. If I vas superstitious, which I’m not, I’m far too little to have my own ideas, except if my parents have  ideas transferred to me, as it is called in education ideas, I would  say this is a lucky and marry month, packed with feasts and commemorations. I seem to have been a present for some members of the family, may be Granny Sue as well.  I was waiting for Abuelo’s plane at the airport. As usual it arrived one hour late. I was tired and hungry. My only consolation was Mum´s bosom and milk. Abuelo was so moved that rushed straight away to me, but Granny Gloria did not allow him even to come near to me. That is the problem when adults do not understand to each other. Mum’s was Granny best daughter and helps her a lot. Abuelo’s has nothing to do, except when he is alone with us three: he becomes joyful, marry and very quiet not to instil fear on me. He is very funny, always playing with me, in a quiet and serene way not to make fear of him. I was used to Grannies Gloria and Sue and Grand Pa Chris. Abuelo was a perfect stranger and I used to cry when he was about. Very discrete as he always was, he uses to withdrawn from my presence for me to me calm and not shouting or crying. There are Grand Parents who want to have babies on their arms, spoiling babies, whom get used to be on a lap often times. Abuelo knew how to deal with children and was always away, up to the point of call for my attention. As he was a perfect Abuelo, she never touched me until I became curious and wanted him near me, but at a distance.

Abuelo knew what to do with children. Ignore them, until the curiosity of the child made us to call for his attention. Abuelo knew what to do with babies: never to touch them, to be quiet, to sing a song at a distance to grab our interest, and then we wanted to be closer to him, with no touching our bodies. After all, we were not Latin, we were Saxons and Saxons respect the distance amongst people, ever since the time they are little. We accept only the lap of our parents or of people we are used to be with. Any society has a different way of dealing with their children. Not to touch does not mean not to love, is the best lesson on how much they respect us, an action which implies respect and teaches us how to respect ourselves and others. Abuelos know the measure and respect our ways of being…or so I have learned from him and his books. I understand why Abuelo never touches me: he respects my person and do not want to see how much I disrespect myself if I fear, cry or make a tantrum. Abuelo knows how to prepare a child to be autonomous and free. As such, we dare to live by ourselves and, when adults, how to confront others with love and attentions, as our parents do. They are our first school by teaching us how to orientate our selves, to develop on our own ideas which are their ideas and ways of being! Until we start our autonomy, go to the school and mingle with other people we had never seen before. To do so, parents prepare us making us play with other children of our age, and to be in contact with my cousins form Mum’s and Dad’s side.

I stop here. There will be more…later on