few more days you shall be playing with May Malen

May Malen enjoying her first avocado pear

It’s far from being easy to imagine how kids from different ages can enjoy being together! Of course there are hierarchies, being Tom with his ten years, the head of the group, the one who commands, the puberty child who has to think on what to do with the whole family of female’s sister and cousin. I am more than sure that he will be as tender as he is with Maira Rose, his only sibling as sister. Alas! Maira Rose has seven years of age and knows very well how to imitate her elder brother. And yet, there is no place for disgust as parents in their endless understanding, would rush to put a lot of peace amongst you all. Not punishing whatsoever or shouting at the kids. Papa Cristan, my son-in-law and Mum Paula my eldest daughter, know very well how to deviate your attention into another set of interest for you three to forget the reason of your unbalance. Same as my other son by law, married to my youngest daughter, Camila, know how to support little May Malen. She tires every one, but never her parents.
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