few more days you shall be playing with May Malen

May Malen enjoying her first avocado pear

It’s far from being easy to imagine how kids from different ages can enjoy being together! Of course there are hierarchies, being Tom with his ten years, the head of the group, the one who commands, the puberty child who has to think on what to do with the whole family of female’s sister and cousin. I am more than sure that he will be as tender as he is with Maira Rose, his only sibling as sister. Alas! Maira Rose has seven years of age and knows very well how to imitate her elder brother. And yet, there is no place for disgust as parents in their endless understanding, would rush to put a lot of peace amongst you all. Not punishing whatsoever or shouting at the kids. Papa Cristan, my son-in-law and Mum Paula my eldest daughter, know very well how to deviate your attention into another set of interest for you three to forget the reason of your unbalance. Same as my other son by law, married to my youngest daughter, Camila, know how to support little May Malen. She tires every one, but never her parents.

Why does she tyre all adults? As she is always on the move: she is discovering her autonomy as she has learnt how to walk! Always tied up to and adult, but walking, anyway. It is a great sensation, I remember for myself and my children, to be around and goes wherever the kid wants to walk, even exploring the most dangerous places and little corners of the house. I cannot forget that day in, when we were in the Parish of Vilatuxe, a rural area where I studied the minds of the children and their parents; we used to live in a large rural house, Camila, fat and pinkie in her cheeks, disappeared one day. She was a year and a half and had conquered her autonomy, walking around, even on the motorway, which, at the time, used to pass exactly in front of our house. She knew very well that her parents would look for her and she would be found out. That is the cleverness of the little ones: to surprise their parents who might enjoy founding her out! It was a play of seek and hide. We used to play with her and Paula, when she was little, this game of seek and hide, in the end, a very dangerous one; young children have not the ability of measuring out dangers at the place where they hide. It depends of the adults what to teach or not. It must be fun for the adults, also for children, however a danger to certain extend. It also depends on how do you teach and what you transfer as knowledge to your descendants.

That day was fun. We have shown Camila little places within the house, not heat, not hot, not even to want to remain there for a long time, as it was a small cabinet made in wood, which tires every one. I still remember Camila laughing as she knew she was instilling fear and worry to her adults. That laugh was her identification: at first, we ignore the noise, until she was not able to be over there for a long time. Of course, we express surprise and there was a happy end to the playing away…

And more than sure that Tomas shall take care of sister and cousin as I used to do when my siblings were younger and had the tremendous responsibility of taking them to their public schools, which in Britain mean private ones, as the real public ones were called grammar school. Al happens as in Britain the differences amongst social classes are very large and they try to conceal this struggle by means of humiliating and lowering their reality. As such, they also conceal their reality after their revolution in 1642, well ahead of time of the French Revolution. The English were led by Oliver Cromwell: Oliver Cromwell (25 April 1599 – 3 September 1658) was an English military and political leader best known in England for his involvement in turning England into a republican Commonwealth and for his later role as Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland. Events that occurred during his reign and his politics are a cause of long lasting animosity between Ireland and the United Kingdom. Fonte: Ó Siochrú, Micheál (2008). God’s executioner. Faber and Faber. pp. introduction. ISBN 9780571241217. “Paying a courtesy call on the British foreign secretary Robin Cook in 1997, the Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern noticed a painting of Oliver Cromwell in the room. He instantly walked out and refused to return until the portrait of “that murdering bastard” had been removed.”

Carey, John (17 August 2008). “God’s Executioner: Oliver Cromwell and the Conquest of Ireland by Micheal O Siochru”. The Sunday Times. http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/books/book_reviews/article4540922.ece. Retrieved 21 July 2010.

This is an excellent of playing away with the children:  one of the elder siblings might be the teacher, as the others might read, or to draw on a blank page. That was our best way of amusement when we were children, encouraged by our parents and nannies. How much we learned, without realizing that this play made us read books, improve our writing in compositions and improved our skill to draw…

Gran de children of mine: there you have some little ideas to get rid of being always in the car, or skating or playing away.

Here I stop. There will be more next time

For the moment, let´s observe May how she enjoys her first avocado pear, same as Mum Camila and Aunt Paula and all of us. It goes in the family! As I love it a lot…

Abuelo, Opa Daddy, whatever!