May Malen's Diary, chapter 8

May and Dad in Norfolk on holidays

Some few weeks ago, my cousins from Netherland appeared in Cambridge for a whole week. Tomas is an enchanting boy, very charming and a good talker. They read for me, as Maira Rosa, his sister, was listening as well as I was. It was cold. We went out very rarely, not to catch a cold! The van Emdens are all ways ill with ear’s sore and nor always very well. I feel sorry because they are my only relatives of my age and I enjoyed playing with them.  To go out, Dad wrapped me up a lot, and yet I felt cold, as you may see in my face. My cousins stay with us nearly every day, but Aunt Paula has so m any friends over here, which took a lot of her time and her family time as well. Altogether, we walked, despite rain and cold, for us to be used to the weather and not to

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