May Malen's Diary, chapter 8

May and Dad in Norfolk on holidays

Some few weeks ago, my cousins from Netherland appeared in Cambridge for a whole week. Tomas is an enchanting boy, very charming and a good talker. They read for me, as Maira Rosa, his sister, was listening as well as I was. It was cold. We went out very rarely, not to catch a cold! The van Emdens are all ways ill with ear’s sore and nor always very well. I feel sorry because they are my only relatives of my age and I enjoyed playing with them.  To go out, Dad wrapped me up a lot, and yet I felt cold, as you may see in my face. My cousins stay with us nearly every day, but Aunt Paula has so m any friends over here, which took a lot of her time and her family time as well. Altogether, we walked, despite rain and cold, for us to be used to the weather and not to

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diary of may malen i. isley, chapter 1

May Mal, my flower, watching with me and her parents, the world cup 2010

As you fly away- you are going away exactly now-, as you flight back home, I think of you, of the week we spent together, with your parents, of your happiness, of your easy laughing about, of your tongue coming in and out of your sweet mouth, running away not to be kissed. Of your free spirit and of your wanting to be always sat down on Mum’s lap, my daughter Camila, or jumping away on the immense arms of Pa, Dad Felix by name. [Read more…]