Em Portugal, há quem seja condenado por fatos

Music with classical colours and a jazz touch, but fundamentally using the structure of pop music. (1)
A chord is made up of a tonic, a “third” (3 notes above the tonic) and a fifth. It’s the third that determines if it is major or minor. A tonic and a fifth is an “open” interval, like my two favorite notes C and G (also my initials) , a sound that is neither major nor minor. If the third is raised (E), it’s major. If it is lowered to the left (E flat), it is minor. Move your finger back to the right, and it’s major again. Left -minor. Right – major. Right-wing politics, left-wing politics… it’s all there. (2)
Chilly Gonzales


Efectivamente, em Portugal, há quem seja condenado por fatos relativos à prossecução dos seus objectivos e, como é sabido, há quem se esteja a marimbar para isso, nomeadamente quem nos meteu neste sarilho.

Que sarilho? Não sabeis?


Por vezes, em momentos destes, apetece-me fazer como Chomsky e dizer:

You just took me from the middle of a long article on new technical work to try to extend what’s called the Minimalist Program, which is an effort to provide genuine explanations for linguistic phenomena, by reducing them to elements so elementary that they satisfy conditions of evolvability and learnability, which are very narrow and strict empirical conditions. So it’s basically trying to show that, to put it kind of fancifully, that mother nature designed language as a perfect system for expression of thought – not very good for communication. That was not a consideration. But it’s very well designed for expression of thought. And it may, in fact, constitute thought- traditional view – which is not implausible, which, if correct, means that people like you are the only organisms with thought in the entire history of life and maybe in the entire universe.

Os meus votos de muita saúde, com Óptimas Festas e um Espectacular 2021.

Até para o ano.



  1. POIS! says:

    Pois é!

    Foi, de fato, condenado,
    Um destacado estilista,
    Pelo fato de ter aldrabado
    O fato de um grande artista.