may malen´s diary, the beginning

when Mum and Dad were little and very good friends

Some thirty years ago, I used to carry my youngest daughter to the school, half a block away from the house.  She was blonde, red on her white cheeks, very cheeky, even with me. What a big patience from Dad… [Read more…]

diary of may malen, chapter 2

My dearest granddauther May, at her 3 months of age, at her house

My Darling granddaughter, May Malen.

I wanted you to be called Elisa, but your parents did chose the name of May because they wanted to, an Malen in honor to me, as Malen amongst the clan Picunche of the Mapuche Nation of Chile and Argentina, Mapuche being people of the land in Mapudungun, or as the people speak in English, that Nation that I analyze use the word Malen to mean pretty girl. And you are as Malen as no one else! You are Malen malen….

Few days ago, you were a little baby. These days you are growing up far too soon, as a plant with a special fertilizer…

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May Malen´s Diary. Chapter 5

I love my Mother at the most, as I do with Dad

Iam in our garden with Mum, seven monts after my birth. I remember how sweet and lovelly she was, how quiet and serene and how firm, well organized and always pushing ahead the possible and the iposible. [Read more…]

Da Islândia com amor


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