diary of may malen, chapter 2

My dearest granddauther May, at her 3 months of age, at her house

My Darling granddaughter, May Malen.

I wanted you to be called Elisa, but your parents did chose the name of May because they wanted to, an Malen in honor to me, as Malen amongst the clan Picunche of the Mapuche Nation of Chile and Argentina, Mapuche being people of the land in Mapudungun, or as the people speak in English, that Nation that I analyze use the word Malen to mean pretty girl. And you are as Malen as no one else! You are Malen malen….

Few days ago, you were a little baby. These days you are growing up far too soon, as a plant with a special fertilizer…

I cannot guess if I shall see you when you become a real adult, a big Malen, if you are already big after 49 days of your birth! That speed will give me no time to see you to crawl first, to tumble as you try to walk and to play with your friends!

One day you shall go to infantry school, as your Mum did at the age of 3 years old. After that, you shall go to the school, as Mum and Aunt Paula did, and shall learn how to read and write properly, same as Mum at her four years of age. That was funny! When Mum Camila started to go to school, the computer had been just discovered and Mum did not know how to use pencil and paper to scribble. I did ask her teacher, Katty Pompir to provide Mum with paper and pencil, for her to really learn the proper way of writing. A proper writing is not only to put words on a blank page and organize ideas and stories with grammar and proper syntaxes. All what a computer does not teach, as theses machines seem to think for us and we lose our freedom of having our own proper style. When Abuelo was 14 years of age, many tears ago, I was very proud as I used to write with a typing machine. Thence, I realized that I was losing my integrity to invent stories. Hence, I returned to paper and fountain pen, same as Mum Camila and Papa Felix did at their 5.  They were in the same school and learned together, at St Paul’s School, how to read and write in a proper way.

Mama Camila used to read very fast. She was used to read two books at the same time. When she was board with the story of one, jumped to the other one, and then changed again. As you know, I study children and their way of thinking, their ideas, in short, their minds. It is a big effort for me to keep away of analyzing the young people when I’m with them and simple love them. It is curious, though, that the more I analyze their cultural mind, the more I love them and dedicate all of my time to help them to improve their way of seeing the world, understanding their parents and relatives and their own history of life.

That is exactly what I want to do with you! To look into yourself and understand why you cry, are sad or laugh, as Mum Camila used to do when she was 5. Same as Papa Felix did at the same age, may be a little latter. Mum used to wait for me, everyday in the morning, outside my study, expecting that I finished my writing and reading. Once I finished my tasks, I used to open the door of my study, and  there she was, quiet as a mouse,  all bended by the door of my tremendous room where I used to work, and as soon as I opened the door, as I knew she were over there, she hugged me, laughed as a mad little girl, jumped from one arm chair to another, listening what  she used to call Dad’s music, otherwise Bach, Mozart, Rimsky – Korsakov and his Scheherazade  that Mum’s used to dance or listen sat on my lap or dancing around me… this Dad’s music..

Papa Felix was an excellent reader as well. When all of you come to our house in Portugal, he comes over here, seats with a book to read as Mum and I talk.

Will you be such a good reader as well, and a good writer as Abuelo does, being able to write for you all of this in 30 minutes, in this impossible computer.

Adores you and I swear I shall wait for you until you be an adult and have a love outside the house….

You are a happy girl, May Malen and I adore you…