may malen’s diary, chapter 6

May Malen being spoiled by Mum, at her home in Cambidge: a forbidden spoil!


Ensaio de etnopsicologia da infância

I do not know why, I am too little to understand, but I have loved my parents even since I have been able to remember. Both of them have been extremely nice to me. The strength of Dad Felix, his tenderness with me, the way he taught me to walk, step by step, not even touching me as he trusted me that I was not to fall as I did on the day of my tenth’s months. I remember, or Abuelo, Mum and Dad may have told as I was too little to remember every single minute of my life as a little girl. I know very well, both because of my studies and for Abuelo’s explanations that Melanie Klein and Wilfred Bion used to say that children´s memory begin at their 5th month of existence into

Mum´s womb. Aunt Paula has told me the same, as she analysis children at her hospital in Utrecht, especially sons of exiled parents or divorcees. She did, as Abuelo did too, an extended and very expensive psychoanalysis, wit regression through hypnotism, to the time when there were babies in their Mothers body. Abuelo discovered that Mozart, Albeniz and Granado´s music put him to sleep. The vibration of the guitar through amniotic liquid of such beautiful music – and Great Granny Flora was an excellent player, even to give concerts in public in the most famous theatre of Vaparaíso, Velarde´s music Hall, placed just in front where my Abuelo was taken to play: Victoria Sq, nor very far of Great Grand Father Angel Redondo del Cacho, a former lawyer in Spain and then part of the trust of industries of leather and shoes, integrated by all the men of the family. Or so my Abuelo has told me: Casto Carretero Grajera Molano and their brother’s, Pedro, Eduardo, Luis, brothers of Ana Maria whom very early in life, passed away. Their six children became orphans of Mother. They were members of my Mum’s family, with a large fortune. My Abuelo´s Grand Father did not live very far of the mentioned square, Victoria Street 33. A very large house with one of the famous earthquakes of Chile destroyed. My Mum never knew that mansion, but Abuelo, her father, has told her hoe it was. Same as he did tell her the names of Great Granny Folrás name: the eldest Maria dos Anjos, then Alfonsa, after her Granny Flora, then Ana Luisa, and the only brother Angel Redondo Caretero. As Grate grandmother lost her mother when she was five years of age, her father married again and had two more children; Manuel and Carola Redondo Solís, the children of Abuelo´s step Granny, Carolina Solis Bravo, a very large family, as I can understand!

Mum did not know the banes of all of these people, how many children they had, 21 altogether that used to spend their holidays either in their large farms or in the Farm we used to have in Laguna Verde, not far from Valparaiso, or in  Abuelo’s Father farm , El Pino – the Pine in UK’s language, with horses and rivers to swim next to the large house we have in Hualqui, near Concepción, central south of Chile, where my Abuelo´s Father was born and studied al his primary and secondary School, until to be transferred to Vaparaíso to study Edenering: brilliant student. It was there where he met Geanny Flora and after taking their degrees – Grand Granny Flora in mathematics and languages, of Gramd Pa’s father we already know- they married at 24 years of age.

All of these, Mum’s did not seem to know. She knew better Granny Gloria’s family, that Abuelo’s kin.

I was saying I much I use to love, and still I’m devoted to my Mum. She was sweet, very white with pinked cheeks and a hair that used to ne blonde when she was little, to become of a Claire brown at her 20 years or so. She was always with me, taught me how to eat by myself and I get used to go to parties of adults, always sleeping either on her lap or Dad’s arms or arms. I was very spoiled, as Mum was when she was little. She used to be trying to grab Abuelo´s arms, legs –Daddy Long Legs he used to be for her!

Both of my parents ruled the house, on equal conditions. Despite the fact than in the end, it was my hours to sleep, my being fed, going out in our car, travelling to far places, was, in the end, the activities that ruled home. I enjoyed so much being on Mum’s lap, as well as playing to seek and hide wit Pa, when she managed to arrive home, if I was awake, very rarely during the week. That is why our weekends were always spent far from home so that my habits were no disturb and I could be able to keep my rhythm of life and no to become an spoiled little girl. That is why I am quiet, read a lot and pay attention to the songs they sung for me, or the stories they read for me from that very large book by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien ((Bloemfontein, 3 de Janeiro de 1892Bournemouth, 2 de Setembro de 1973) was a writer  escritor, professor universitário e filólogo britânico  : The Hobbit, a book he wrote for his children. Lutou na Primeira Guerra Mundial, onde começou a escrever os primeiros rascunhos do que se tornaria o seu “mundo secundário” complexo e cheio de vida, denominado Arda, palco das mundialmente famosas obras O Hobbit, O Senhor dos Anéis e O Silmarillion, esta última, sua maior paixão, que, postumamente publicada, é considerada sua principal obra, embora não a mais famosa. A book that every parent should read to enlarge their fantasy, as my Abuelo did with Mum Aunt Paula  and offered the book to my cousins, when they were born

This is all for today, Dar  Ma I shall write as abuelo does a little story every day…fotr me and my cousins!

He calls this an essay on the theory of Ethnopsycology Child of the a synthesis of a life for me to know where am I, who am I and my place in the world… which I enjoyed the most as I can understand myself because my parents explain life to my. Not too many kisses, not too many hugs, just the security of knowing who I am, explanations which I enjoy a lot. Not as yet, and too little, only sensitivity and feelings are for me. But the day will come of The Hobbit read by myself…. and listening this music