Tucker Carlson, o fantoche de Trump que saiu em defesa do assassino de Kenosha



  1. O gajo dos sete tiros em licença administrativa!
    Uma polícia forte é uma polícia intransigente com os seus.

  2. Osama Bininho says:

    Assassino? Eu chamo-lhe legítima defesa. A palavra legítima diz tudo. Só se perderam as que cairam no chão.

  3. Elvimonte says:

    Regarding the Kenosha protest shooting. Here is the up to date research (my research from dozens of sources) that give you all the scenarios in this multiple area shooting. Some is based on video, some is based on alleged witness statements, and some is based on information released by the police that was leaked in articles.

    I am also editing in new information as I learn it, so this is the most up to date series of events in detail describing what now appears to be a legitimate case of self defense by the young man Kyle XXXX (a minor)

    The man 17 year old Kyle XXX, who was the shooter tried unsuccessfully to turn himself in on the scene, approaching police vehicles multiple times with his hands over his head. He had run two blocks to get to the safety of the police, but then they went to the scene behind him, leaving him alone again. For his own safety left the area when police ignored him (Obviously this was not special treatment as some have alleged).

    The responding police simply did not know that he was the shooter, and assumed that he was just in the way of their response to the shooting area. So they passed him and left him alone, and in danger again. He went home and turned himself in from there. He WAS arrested for investigation of 1st degree intentional homicide. This is NOT an indictment. My understanding is that it is an investigation. Jail is probably the best place for him for his own safety anyway for a few days.

    Incident one, he and others were protecting businesses from looters and arsonists. One rioter Joseph Rosenbaum, who was particularly aggressive targeted this Kyle at a local gas station, where they probably walked to from the car lot to get supplies.

    He was likely targeted by this short man complex bulldog, probably because he was also small and one of the youngest Community watchers, and the short bald bulldog repeatedly called him the “N” word and dared him to shoot him. This is on video.

    This bald headed man repeatedly lunged at the young man named “Kyle” and others were seen earlier on video, trying to hold him back from assaulting the young man. (a 36 year old trying to beat up a 17 year old).

    Later there is video of him being chased into the lot they were guarding. He had headed that direction returning from the gas station when they heard glass breaking, because a gang of BLM saw that it was momentarily unprotected, and they were breaking the glass out of all the cars (this is also on video)

    At some point returning from the gas station, they were rushed by the crowd who started assaulting them, and the bulldog man was at the head of the pack trying to get at Kyle and presumably beat him.

    Earlier Joseph the short bald bulldog is seen on video throwing stuff at the young man, and as the young man is retreating he keeps following him, trying to intimidate him and daring him to shoot him “shoot me NWORD”. He is apparently enraged that the community protectors are armed with rifles.

    So bulldog man has found the presumed weakest sheep to attack and is chasing him into the car lot. There is another man from the BLM crowd named Gaige Grosskreutz who unbeknownst to anyone has a concealed pistol, and when Bulldog man has almost caught up with Kyle, Gaige fires his pistol into the air several times. I believe he does this to make sure that “shots fired” gets into news headlines, that could be twisted later to make it seem as if the beating was justified because of shots fired by white supremists. i.e. fake news.

    But Kyle doesn’t know these shots are from Gaige, and he doesn’t know they are in the air. They are right behind him. So he turns around to confront the threat rather than being shot in the back, and sees bulldog man running right at him, and he shoots this man in the head. He was in fear for his life and this was an absolutely justified fear, even without the shots he heard he would have been justified to use deadly force against a mob who could disarm him and use his weapon against him or others..

    So the first shots were not fired by Kyle. They were fired by another man, who I believe is the same man he shot later, who had the concealed pistol. This man is Gaige Grosskreutz (26) who is part of a revolutionary Marxist subset of BLM called the Peoples Revolution, or some such crap. A militia basically, although you will not hear the media call it that, since in their narrative, all militias are bad, and they claim Kyle is a militia member.

    This will be the shooting that determines his guilt or innocence, because the other shooting was clearly justified. This first one in the parking lot, seems to also be justified, since he was being chased by multiple people after being threatened with bodily harm, one of whom started firing a pistol while chasing him.

    The other shootings occurred because as Kyle and his friend were attempting to render first aid to Joseph Rosenbaum, others from the crowd started to shout “get him” and so Kyle decided rather than having another gun fight he would try to leave the area and run a few blocks to the police line for safety. While he was running, several people punched him in the back of the head and threw objects at him.

    I believe there was another shot at this point from one of the rioters, but this is not confirmed. It would explain why Kyle tryed to turn around while running fast to see where the threat was.

    Unfortunately he tripped and was immediately converged upon by the wolfpack of rioters at this point as he was sitting on his ass with his feet out in front of him.

    One leaped into the air and kicked him in the head as he was in a sitting position on the ground, almost at the same time another used a skateboard as a bat and hit Kyle in the back of the head, a third was fast approaching as he raised a handgun up to the firing position.

    (This third man was Gaige Grosskreutz, who I believe was also the man that started the whole gunfight escalation by earlier firing the first shot of the evening from his concealed pistol as they chased after Kyle, likely making Kyle believe he was being shot at.

    Gaige is a Revolutionary Marxist and a member of “The Peoples Revolution” a subset of BLM)

    The man with the skateboard grabbed a stunned Kyles rifle right after he hit him full force in the back of the head. and he jerked it away from Kyle who did not let go of it. As a result, he jerked it towards himself, aiming the rifle at his own torso, and likely caused the trigger pull as well. He basically shot himself.

    PRO TIP: to Antifa Rioters, You just don’t jerk a rifle towards yourself like that to disarm a person that has their finger on the trigger.

    Meanwhile the guy that kicked him in the head was trying for round two so he got a shot in his direction, which I believe was a miss, or a warning shot. That man wisely ran away.

    Kyle turned and saw assailant 3 Gaige Grosskreutz (who had earlier fired his gun FIRST at the scene of the first shooting) with a gun raising up to point at him and he shot Gaige in his gun arm elbow, which pretty much stopped that assault quickly as that assailent ran away screaming for a medic (antifa is well funded and organized. They have medics that usually have medical + insignias on themselves to identify their status.). Gaige was also a Medic, which made him a wolf in sheeps clothing disguise since he was armed and an aggressor.

    While Kyle was defending from Gaige’s attack, the Skateboarder who was Anthony Huber (26) meanwhile had run away several feet but collapsed face down. He obviously had a very serious point blank torso wound, and probably died within seconds.

    This second shooting incident was clearly self defense. Those people were not trying to arrest him, detain him, or follow him to keep track of him. They were trying to kill him and using maximum force.

    Kyle had no choice but to defend himself in that unfortunate scenario.

    Open carry IS legal in Wisconsin for adults. This includes pistols. But only for adults. For a 16-17 year old, the provision only allows open carry for long guns, i.e. rifles and shotguns. So despite reports stating differently, I am now assuming that he was completely operating within the law to have his weapon for self defense.

    I have heard news media claim this is only for hunting, but as a gun guy who follows gun law, I doubt this. If Wisconsin is like many other states, the law addresses concealability and is aimed at preventing gang violence.

    You’re welcome. I do this to share my research for my homies in San Diego.


    • Paulo Marques says:

      Eu, quando tenho medo, também vou para uma manifestação noutro estado com uma AR-15.
      Entretanto, o inocente já foi indiciado de 6 crimes, lamento.. pela narrativa de ódio.

      • Elvimonte says:

        Trump Supporter Executed Walking Down The Street In Portland, BLM Celebrates And Cheers The Killing

  4. POIS! says:

    O “show” do Tucker Carlson é o máximo! O tipo é um génio!

    É muito difícil fazer aquele papel de manter durante largos minutos uma real cara de parvo a fingir que está surpreso com o que lhe dizem os “convidados”, que escolheu a dedo para lhe dizerem o que já conhece de ginjeira.

    Deve ser a este modo de ganhar a vida que muitos se referem como sendo o verdadeiro “sonho americano”. Realmente!