Diary of May Malen

May Malen with Abuelo in Parede, June 3010

Diary of May Malen, Chapter 4

My dearest granddaughter,

I have missed you so much! You have been stolen to me for more than two weeks. I have had no news about you, except an SMS from Mum – telling me that you walk for yourself! Are you still walking, or your pride does not want to admit that not everything is possible in life! I know you fell over, you had to be cleaned as you did not admit for yourself to have had your first failure in your life! You shall have more! And you will have to accept it, as we all do, especially with the support of the world: your parents!

You are not the first in the family, this falling dawn as you were exploring your universe, all by yourself! Auntie Paula started to walk when she was 9, but also tripped, fell from the stairs and did not walk again until 11 months. We were in Scotland as I was coursing an MA, one of the 3 that I have! All these degrees are for you, my dearest; same as my being a doctor. Same as being my presents for Mum, Aunt, Grand Mum and myself.

Your Mum was cleverer. There you have: as Aunt Paula did not want to walk again, your Mum at 10 months of age used to crawl, as a premonition of the fear of falling down. She was so lazy, that Grand Mum had to knit a special cloth to put on her knees! Ah!, but she was mirth me, she started to walked grabbing my hand and legs. She was also looking around to see where dad, who is me, your Abuelo was. Every time she found me, she shouted of happiness and I had to carry her on my shoulders. We were in Vilatuxe at the time, Abuelo doing investigation and analysing children end their parents. I was always away from home, working, materially working with the peasants. A big deal for me! Same as Mum, who used to go to the most dangerous places to save species in extinction, ever she was 25. It was in these adventurers that she met again your Dad: they fell one for the other, and then vas Ben, then was you and others that, I´m sure shall come.

This morning I talked by Skype with your Aunt and Uncle and your cousins, they send you their love and warmest congratulations, same as they say: May, do not dismay, we have all fall over as we were discovering the world, or so say cousins Tomas and Maira Rose.

Darling, I send you a short letter this time. Ah! I was forgetting, hard to believe: I have just finished a new book dedicated to you. It is 300 pages, all for you, with the story of the adventures and misadventures of our little family. Mum will tell you some day! And so shall do Dad.

Did you know that you are the youngest person in the family? Same as Mum was when we were in other countries. As you know, because of our work and dedication to science, we are always at different places in different Continents! Always on the move..

I say good bye for today. Welcome back home!

Abuela is in Chile performing a very specialized work, with lawyers; Aunt Paula is well in Utrecht doing clinical analysis to children at her Hospital, uncle Cristan has recovered and may even drive his car and paint, his delight in life , as it is for me to write!

It is the path you will follow very soon and I am mor

It is the path you will follow very soon and I am more than sure that you shall be the greatest scientist of the family, as you are the daughter of two loving and well educated and prepared parents”

You shall walk again. Do not forget this adagio: who falls once and is able to start again with no fear, shall conquer the world. An idea which, I´m sure, you shall understand some few year latter. It is normal to fall; it is natural to get up with no complaint! As Beethoven: he was def and, anyway, he wrote the most beautiful music of the world, like this:  http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=beethoven+fur+elise&aq=0

Adores you!

Abuelo from Portugal, not like Grad Parents Chris and Sue, in Cambridge as well

Tremendous hug to you and parents!