finally,you have been born!you are!

Baby ilsley. 7lb born 10.46 today. Good natured,peaceful and hairy. We could not be more in love with her! Xx

Baby ilsley. 7lb born 10.46 today. Good natured,peaceful and hairy. We could not be more in love with her! Xx

I shall not say too much or write far too many words. There are more important feelings and ideas than words.

Your photograph speaks by itself. The way you look: your sweet, very serene and lovely face, your similitude to both of your parents. The way you look after the far too long fight to have a life of your own, away from Mum’s tummy, speak up by them. Is not only the relieve of having left Mum and Pa at ease as you arrived well and healthy into this cold world, cold as we have a crisis, cold, because is winter, cold, because so many babies are being born these days and you become one of far too many others. The peaceful face made your mother to write on the upper part of the photo that you had been born at 10.45, 7 pounds and of a good nature and so serene, that one could not less that love you. Or so it seems to me were the words oh exhausted parents.

You have no idea, little nameless baby Iturra-González (your middle name) Ilsley-four family name, how happy those young parents have become. The fact of having been born has meant a push up the ladder of life one-step forward to all of us. Nameless little Ilsley, the lovely couple who made you, have become parents, a very important part of life in the world we live. The fact of the endless discussion on your name between your parents, is the living proof of the equality of human beings, the freedom of the woman facing his man, the not necessary agreement of the man for you to have a name, as it used to be when your parents were born. The name was either a tradition or the begging of the woman in front of his companions-does not really matters that they fulfil rituals, as they have done, to be companions. Companions as they have decided to have a descendent, some one who will carry on their names all through life, until your name changes into your companion family name, except if you do as Mum dis: she decided to keep her maiden name alongside with your Father’s family name.

One-step forward for all of us. The long genealogy I provided you yesterday before your birth, has changed into Grannies, Grand-Pa, unties, uncles, a wreck of the way life used to be.

Be careful. Being the youngest member of an extensive family, may lead to many to try to command on you. That was the path of Mum, when she was a little girl: she never accepted to be under the law of anybody else: she created her own way of being and has become used to be, as an adult, the same way she used to be when little.

Your Father is similar to her-free people come together with another free human being and create free people who come to know the way they shall follow alongside life.

Nameless grand-daughter, this is all I can say after so many hours of worrying for the pains your way to liberty, caused in Mum’s body and soul, and in the spirit of your Pa. It was the same for us all at the beginning of the year. They were four to five endless days of emotional and material suffering.

Beginning of a year, which, because of your birth, shall be not only outstanding: it is a new beginning in our way of living. An step up on the ladder of life, and, most of all, a change in our behaviour towards you. I beg you only that these changes make of us a large unit of kindred, with mutual respect for the ways of being for each home upon which the family rests as such. In a vice –versa way…   Granny Gloria commented with me today: you have become a nuclear family on your own right. We shall respect your way as you shall respect ours.

Welcome to life, nameless grand-daughter…..A sweet kiss in your forehead fro Grand Pa, Abuelo, Oppa Daddy, whichever the way you shall call me…..


  1. Luis Moreira says:

    Um grande abraço Prof. A bébé é linda como a mãe ( que é parecida com o pai, claro…)

  2. Nuno Castelo-Branco says:

    Esta bebé é parecidíssima com a minha irmã, exactamente no momento em que nasceu em 1966. Incrível.

  3. maria monteiro says:

    Não Ricardo, não são todos iguais mas a verdade é que são todos lindíssimos.