A teocracia na Europa

parece estar a chegar.


  1. E a mania da perseguição já chegou.

  2. fuckin religions…

  3. Maquiavel says:

    Clínica privada. Lindo.

    “But agency nurse Abdul Bhutto, who was in charge, said they would have to wait. ”
    This Mr. Bhutto is a religious fanatic, that tem de perder a licença de enfermeiro.

    “Mrs Shaw, who broke down and wept in the witness box, said she would have called an ambulance immediately after the fall but had only since discovered that staff could override a nurses’ decision. ”
    Thus, Mr. Shaw is a great besta quadrada.

    Título certo:
    “Woman died after Muslim nurse refused to help as he was praying and helper was too stupid to help on his own”