May and Ale are improving

There is not parent that may be called as such, if their children are not well and they do not care.

I have met adults who, despite caring, they can do no much as they have to work all day long. They leave their children with another adults, for a price. Soetimes, thoose children are abused or used to work for their masters. The best example are David Copperfield  and Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, along XIX  century.  As they were little, they were used to enter into the houses of wealthy people to still as much as they could. All stealing objects were taken by their care takers and sold for their benefit. The most spetial case was Fagin, a professional thieve who used Oliver Twist to enter, even in Oliver»s own house, and take how much are his was able to. Luckily enough. Oliver was discovered, taken to the police and those who had been robbed happenned to be….his own Gran Parents, who had already lost the mother of Oliver  and had thought they had lost their grand child, aswell. It all happenned in the midst oof industrial revlution in England, when there wre only two classes of human beings, the few many riach, and the plenty of many poor. Oliver was recognized by his elders Grand Parets and came to have an splendid life with them, new clothes, the best of grammar school and a very caring life. As David Copperfield, who, from a very poor and exploited chilhood, came to be the Master of the house and a very good lawayer whose endeavour came to be not to exist anymore stolen and abussed children. As such, he was moved from a poor boy, into a wealthy entrepreneur  and solicitor, with and extended fame amongst the rich and the por of London.

This, dear May and Ale, my grand daughter May Malen, and my hard working niece Alejandra, are only examples, moral examples of what may happen to little ones when they are stolen, either from their homes, or from their good health. both of you have not been well, you have been stolen from good health and all of us, Parents, Grand Parents and other relaives, have been worrying a lot and trying to restore your happinness and good health.

May was only one month of age, when, in spite the good care of Canila and Felix, my children, your parents and Granny Gloria, was robbed into a bug in your tummy. With the good care of parents and physicians, in two days you came back to have good health and you are restablished, for the sake of yourselve and your worried adults. Now you do not cry abymore along endles nights and all of you can sleep wel, except at the time of chanching nappies and having breast  milk, at three  in the morninhg!

And you, Alejandrita, because you are a very hard working person, you have coontracted a very unpleasat  illness, which, diagnosis in time, hs made you boy friend, parents and more familly to worry a lot and to stop working, for you to be well in no les that 6 months. As May Malen, you will be a renewed young lady able to have your own offprings with Cristian and the happynnes of your Parents. They were so concerned, that stopped working, locked withyourself in you house, and kept quiet. A sin who shall never be repeated, as >I bet that in three months, you shall be well!

These are desires, among stories, hopes, support and being cncerned aswell with tremedous hope, of this Gran Pa for May and Uncle and God´s Parent and almost Father, for Alejandrita!

Mind you, do not get spoiled! We love well, you are recovering, but we have suffered. Improve yourselfs for us to be well and for you t become the most amonngst the healthy children and the young, beatifull ladies…!

With love of this concerned father, who worries for you, but worries in a goog you are recovering, a duty you cannot fail!