Grafias de fim-de-semana

Well the fact of the matter is: we can do just about anything. People like us, let’s say, we wouldn’t be here otherwise, are pretty privileged. We have the kind of privilege that few people have ever had in history or have now and if you have privilege you have opportunity and the opportunities are almost boundless. I mean thanks to the struggles of the past, it hasn’t always been like this, but thanks to the struggles in the past, there is a tremendous amount of freedom. The state may try to repress you, but they can’t do a lot.
Noam Chomsky






  1. ZE LOPES says:

    Conheci uma rapariga,
    Ela deixou-me um contato;
    Talvez no fimdesemana,
    Cheguemos a vias de fato.

    (É mais uma Ryma Elegyaca, etc. etc.)