You are coming away

My darling granddaughter,

You are coming away. At this very minute, you are being born. Mum and Pa are pushing away together,  ever since Saturday, the 2nd of January, of this year 2010.

I understand. It is too cold over here for you to leave your Mother Shelter, her womb.

Unhappily, as it is, that is the law of life.

being born

being born

You shall cry claiming for food. You want Mother’s breast.

Meantime, what dos Father do? Is he pushing along with Mum, holding her hands, with your Grannies alongside him?

in few more hours....

in few more hours....

Or is he all alone or dreaming to be with you like this?

releave of a helping pushing Dad

releave of a helping pushing Dad

I have no more words. They are all behind my throat, as I expect THAT telephone call to tell me that you are here, well and cosy, being one more of the family Isley Iturra-González or Iturra-González Isley, as Mum’s name is only and initial in the middle of your name.

Her name, the name of the Mother that gave you birth, with your Father seeds.

You will come to know that you have two Grannies, Susan and Gloria, expecting for you, two Grand Fathers, Christopher and me, Raul, and, until two weeks ago, two Great Grandfathers. As such, a large number of cousins, like the van Emdens in The Netherlands, Tomas Mauro and Maira Rose, awaiting for you, and another aunt, beyond your mother’s sister Paula Eugenia, named Alejandra and Cristian, her husband-to-be You did have a Great Grand Aunt. Maria Eugenia, who did not expect for you, but is taking care that all be well.

That is your genealogy, which includes dearest Grant Aunt Blanquita and husband Miguel, Flor Maria, a widow, and Maria de los Angeles and husband Hector.

That is your genealogy that Dad shall withdraw for you

Meantime, you push and struggle to ne out in the world to met this large family…who awaits for you!

You’ll be pinky and white and blonde, as your parents are, the ideal of  a humanity that has tried to conquer the world, simply because they had no their colours…You sahll not be like that. I shall introduce you to my duty: International Amnesty. All of your kindred shall be observing if your behaviour is as friendly, as your parents are, all oh these:

a large familly, your kindred

a large familly, your kindred

otherwise, it’ll be me watching tou….

me, always young, to watch over you...

me, always young, to watch over you...

My dream: to be always young…to take care of you…


  1. Carlos Loures says:

    Muitos parabéns. Felicidades para a nova neta e para toda a família. Um abraço.

  2. Luis Moreira says:

    Quando eu nasci
    não houve nada de novo
    se não eu.
    As nuvens não desapareceram
    e o mar não escureceu
    Só minha mãe
    esquecida das dores
    sorriu e agradeceu!
    Ao Aventador Raúl e às suas meninas ( não sei de quem é,nas é o mais bonito que conheço.

  3. maria monteiro says:

    Parabéns Avô Raúl e família pelo nascimento da tão desejada menina.
    De certa forma a primeira neta do Aventar

  4. maria monteiro says:

    Sebastião da Gama escreveu-o assim mas o Luís disse o essencial

    Quando eu nasci,
    Ficou tudo como estava.
    Nem homens cortaram veias,
    Nem o Sol escureceu,
    Nem houve Estrelas a mais…
    Esquecida das dores,
    A minha Mãe sorriu e agradeceu.
    Quando eu nasci,
    Não houve nada de novo
    Senão eu.
    As nuvens não se espantaram,
    Não enlouqueceu ninguém…
    P’ra que o dia fosse enorme,
    Toda a ternura que olhava
    Nos olhos de minha Mãe…