Os pulhas

Corre no Twitter que a televisão estatal grega noticiou que Portugal e Espanha tentaram bloquear um acordo do Eurogrupo com a Grécia. Esperemos que seja só rumor.


  1. manuel.m says:

    no, its not a rumour :
    Brussels-based Greek correspondents are reporting that the euro group is about to end. “They came here determined to have a political solution otherwise on Tuesday it would have been necessary to enforce capital controls [on Greek banks],” Eleni Varvitsiotis, SKAI’s reporter has just told the Athens-based TV station. Reports that a press conference will start in Brussels around 8pm GMT.

    Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras is “in constant contact” with finance ministry officials attending the euro group. Aides close to the Greek leader have let drop that both the Spanish and Portugese finance ministers attempted to disrupt the euro group meeting but were overuled.

  2. manuel.m says:

    No Guardian há instantes :
    Skai tv reports Spain and Portugal tried to block the deal btwn Greece-Eurozone and had strong objections .
    Canalhas até ao fim.

  3. José Peralta says:

    Este é o único comentário que me apetece fazer :

  4. Até nisto nos beliscam a dignidade, porra.


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