Os mercados não gostam de Trump?

Por enquanto, parece que não.

Imagem: An employee of a foreign exchange trading company watching U.S. election results in Tokyo.

Asian stock markets plummeted, as did futures on major stock indexes covering the United States and Europe, including a 4.8 percent drop in Japan’s Nikkei index as of 11 p.m. Eastern. United States Treasury bonds, typically a safe haven, rallied, pushing long-term interest rates sharply lower. The dollar was down 1.4 percent against other major currencies as of late evening, by which point Mr. Trump’s victory appeared probable in The Upshot’s election model.

Mercados e dólar em queda.

There was a particularly steep sell-off in the Mexican peso, which had the steepest drop against the dollar since the country’s 1994-1995 currency crisis. The Mexican currency has consistently dropped when Mr. Trump’s prospects improved in recent weeks, suggesting global investors believe that a Trump administration — with its threats of renegotiating trade agreements — would spell bad news for the country’s economic outlook.

Vá-se lá saber porquê, os mexicanos vêm em Trump uma barreira. Ou será um muro?

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