Estranha aliança foice-cifrão

Para quem estiver interessado nos acontecimentos de Bangkok, recomenda-se a leitura do excelente artigo de opinião assinado por Kraisak Choonavan. Peça a peça, desmonta a engrenagem propagandística criteriosamente montada pela plutocracia thaksinista e pelos seus enigmáticos aliados operacionais de timbre retintamente maoísta. Choonavan torna assim perfeitamente irracional – ou pior ainda, suspeita -, uma certa cobertura dispensada pelos media e bureaus ocidentais ligados aos grandes interesses económicos.

“Thaksin’s government deployed populist policies to gain popularity among the people by giving them money to spend freely. In some cases, SDAO (Sub District Administration Organization) officers or heads of villages were aware of the need for accountability and opened special accounts for the villagers to invest in projects for the whole community. However, in most of the cases, the money was spent on non-sustainable issues, making people feel richer for a short while, but usually ending up further in debt.

Neither was Thaksin really interested in redistributing the wealth more fairly in Thailand. What Thaksin called “Asset Capitalization” is only a dead slogan. Genuine “Asset Capitalization” needs a systematic and concrete land tenure distribution policy because land is a basic component of production in the economic system. Thaksin’s government never launched such a policy. Instead, his family established SC Asset Corp. Of which the main policy was to consolidate and acquire large land plots. The company used Thaksin’s family preferences and the dominating power of policy-making to gain possession of large tracts of state land.”

Leia o artigo completo aqui, no The Nation.


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