The Diary of May Malen-Chapter 4

My dearest May misses Gran Pa, swee as she is i miss her aswell

 In March this year 2010, my grand Pa came to see me. So he says. I fear that she wanted to see my Mum, his daughter. I didn’t much like his visit. Was he trying to still Mum and make of her, once more, his little daughter? I do not believe so. My Mother knows very well how to defend herself from intruders of her private life; she has a husband, my Dad, and that is plenty for males around. My Abuelo – funny, himself and Chris, My Father´s Father are my grand Pa, and he prefers to be called with that impossible word to pronounce; lelo, abue, Aipuelo? What can I do as my parents seem to agree that I memorize that funny word…and to keep myself into their own way of life? Mum used to call my Abuelo’s Father Abuelo as well. Only that them saw each other very little. We used to live on opposite’s sides: we in the northern hemisphere, them, at the very South of the world. I do not know how or why, I’m too new to understand what the name geography or political life…though it seems to me they left Chile, many years ago, when my Mother had not been yet created; there were a little girl, whom I have to call aunt, why, if she has a name: Paula. Her husband has another impossible way to pronounce, if I know well is we a Cr – Cristan van Emden, as their children, my cousins. I enjoy so much being with tem! They are not giants person as all others are, except for mu Father, tall, slim, with strength to carry me on his arms or shoulders, as Mum does: a very strong woman, so cosy, warmth and with milk only for

me! Her breast was the glory of my life! One day, this adults cut off Mother’s breast and I had to began having milk from a bottle, I always hated it, that is why I cried so much until my sweet Mum, other times my dear Dad, cradled  me on their lap or on their arms. The warmth of their bodies substituted the lovely suckling of my mother breast. They have been as sweet as my cousins Tomas and Maia Rosa, whom play whit me without touching me, which I hate. They understand that, British do not like to be touched, except by our lovers when we are adults, or by parents, when we need to touch their faces, to be sure that they are there and exists. Especially Dad, who is always away from us, working, swimming, fencing or playing basketball,.

What I like the most is to be with Mother or her mother, Abuela Gloria, who is sweet and lovely , no kissing or grabbing me as other adults do, to may disgust.

Abuelo is very funny, cradles with me over the carpet, never touches and, also does a very funny noise with his tongue, very quickly puts his tongue out is mouth, in and out very fast, making a noise which I cannot imitate. I have learned from him how to put to put my little tongue out of my mouth, but I cannot hide it again, as he does. Makes me laugh, as anyone can see on the photo, I’m laughing at his playing with his tongue and mouth.

I have seen very little of him, but I know he loves me even more, as I am the daughter of his junior daughters.

I shall carry one letter on, dear Diary. My Netherlanders cousins have arrived and I clap my hands with joy. They are sweet, gentle, never shout or even deals with me as if I was a baby.  I´m not a baby any longer: I have four teeth, I have eaten a whole avocado pear all my myself, very busy in learning how to introduce little green pieces into my mouth and chew them with my tongue and the upper part of my mouth, or the ceiling of the mouth or sense of taste.

My cousins have arrived. I rush to see them.. I know I do not know how to walk, but mum pushes my pram towards them…and we look at flowers and birds.  Abuelo will come some day and I´m more than sure that we shall walk along, hand to hand, as Abuelo and granddaughter….My parents trust him, so I shall be able to walk along just the two of us, as he used to do when Mother and Aunt, at the age I have mow, only ten months… Despite my age, beware adults: I hear and understand, I feel who is nice and shall not touch me, and all others whom shall try to deal with me as a baby. They do not know that, if I’m treated as an adult who studies life, I’ll be an autonomous entity, as I have the ability to think and express my felling, knowing well whom am I and waht my place in society…

Until next chapter…Maira Rouse and Tomas, are waiting for me…